Engage in Intensive Academic Challenges

At Northwestern, the Honors courses will be driven by current and emerging issues in the chosen academic area. The program will offer unique academic challenges and opportunities to some of Northwestern's most highly academic challenges and opportunities to some of Northwestern's most highly qualified students. Honors students will participate in undergraduate research experiences that will define their future path for endless opportunities in the job market and further education.

Learn through Serving

The Honors Program will provide an environment that is rich in experiences in service  learning, academic research, and public presentation of students' creative or scholarly work. The opportunity for service to the community and others will provide the Honors student a unique experience to enchance educational and career goals.

Best of Both Worlds: The Honors Program and the Louisiana Scholars' College

Northwestern is home of the Louisiana Scholars' College (c.1987), the State's designated honors college; however, students do not have to be enrolled in Louisiana Scholars' College in order to participate in the Honors Program. Either choice will provide a rigorous experience which will add to the student's repertoire of academic skills.

Campus Life

Honors Program students will be fully integrated into campus life activities. By design, most honors students will take both honors classes and non-honors classes and will participate in a broad array of extracurricular activities that go beyond the bounds of Northwestern's Honors Program. Like all Northwestern students, these students will have the opportunity to compete on varsity athletic teams, write for the campus newspaper, participate in theater, and lead student organizations.